Beat Jet Lag the Way Elite Athletes do: Twice as Fast With HumanCharger

Every global traveler knows how jet lag feels. It kills productivity. Jet lag is the sleepy mid-day meeting when it's difficult to keep focused, and it's waking up at the wrong time in a hotel room, not able to re-charge. Jet lag is getting back home a week later, not able to be a great company and partner with friends and family, or to perform at work.  


HumanCharger, the revolutionary new travel companion spells the end for jet lag by helping travellers make softer landings to new time zones - twice as fast.


A test group of travellers recovered from trans-Atlantic jet lag twice as fast as the control group did in a placebo-controlled trans-Atlantic clinical trial published in the monthly medical journal Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance. HumanCharger helps beat jet lag in just half the usual time by channeling precisely timed 12 minute beams of its UV-free, blue-enriched bright light at the cranium conveniently through two discreet earbuds.


HumanCharger has been in use for two years by a UK Premier League football team. The team's doctor reflects: "HumanCharger has proved very useful in helping our players and support staff adapt quickly to time-zone changes caused by long-haul travel. We have seen improvements in sleep duration and quality, enhanced restoration of circadian rhythms, and a reduction in medication use. All factors likely to aid athletic and work performance in the period following such journey."


Other elite athletes with similar experience using HumanCharger for jet lag include an NBA basketball team, a national free style ski team, a KHL ice hockey league team, and a well ranking ATP tennis player.


HumanCharger has worked closely with a major European airline who place particular importance on the health and wellness of their passengers during and after flight.


The goal of Humancharger is to help people be at their very best and most productive when needed even while traveling. It is now easier than ever.


Here you can calculate the most efficient usage of the Humancharger when travelling