Frequently Asked Questions

Who is HumanCharger devices for?
HumanCharger devices are designed for people on the go! They are perfect for winter blues sufferers, athletes, shift workers, travelers, students, busy working individuals, stay-at-home parents and more! Modern lifestyles including seasonal changes, affect the amount of light we are exposed to regularly. That’s where HumanCharger comes in by giving you that extra boost, whenever and wherever you may need it!

What are the main benefits of using the HumanCharger?
Main benefits of using the HumanCharger are increased energy levels, improved mood, reduced effects of jet lag, increased mental alertness and fixed winter blues.

Is Valkee and HumanCharger the same?
Yes, our ground breaking light therapy headset launched in 2010 as Valkee 1 followed by Valkee 2 in 2013. In 2019 the first wireless version of our light therapy headset launched and we decided to change name to HumanCharger® and in 2023 the newest and current version of our headset launched.
Our dedication to create a high performing and very easy to use light therapy headset has remained unchanged since 2010, and more than 100,000 people world-wide have now benefited from using this innovative and unique solution to maintaining their well-being. 

Can I use HumanCharger devices anytime, no matter what I’m doing?
We do not recommend using your HumanCharger® devices while performing tasks that require unrestricted hearing to avoid hazards due to restriction in hearing capability caused by the earbuds. Otherwise you can use HumanCharger® devices anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the stylish and discreet design, you can use HumanCharger devices during work, while traveling, when running errands, and just about anywhere. This lets you focus on doing exactly what you enjoy the most, without disruption.

Are HumanCharger devices safe to use?
Yes. HumanCharger technology has been clinically tested. The calibrated white light in HumanCharger devices is UV free, and therefore it’s safer than sunlight. Currently, there are more than 100,000 HumanCharger devices in active use around the world, all experiencing an excellent safety record.

When and how do I use the HumanCharger if I want to improve my mood?
The recommended dose of UV-free calibrated white light is 12 minutes, once a day. 70% of users have stated that positive effects are best realized during the morning while 30%, later in the day. Start using HumanCharger® in the morning preferably 30-60 minutes after waking up. If you do not feel positive results after five days, try using HumanCharger® 1-2 hours prior to going to bed.

Are there any side effects to HumanCharger® devices?
Side effects are very rare, however the most common one is a temporary mild headache. Other potential side effects include; sleeplessness, deteriorating quality of sleep or sleep difficulty during early morning hours if the treatment time has not been adjusted. If you experience a side effect, consider changing the treatment dose (intensity of the light and the duration of the session) and altering the time of the day of the treatment session from morning to later in the day.

Is HumanCharger® devices safe to use for children or pregnant women?
The HumanCharger® technology has been tested on adults and not on children or pregnant women. Therefore we don’t recommend children or pregnant women use HumanCharger® devices. We intend to broaden clinical trials in the future, to extend HumanCharger® usage to as many people as possible. 

Where can I buy replacement earbuds for my Humancharger?
You can order the buds here:

How does it work to charge the HumanCharger?
It is time to charge the device when the small LED light turns red. The Humancharger is charged when the LED light is blue. Use the USB-C for the charging.