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Hannu Jortikka, former Head Coach of the KHL team Admiral Vladivostok

"I have to say that my experience of HumanCharger® has been very positive. I doubted at first - that this can´t have any effect. But why wouldn´t you improve your life if it helps you do that. I recommend it!

Jayanti, singer-songwriter

"I use the headset while lying in bed, and it helps me wake up immediately. That's a whole new sensation for me. During the day my focus is so much better, I feel a lot happier, and vibrant, and more alive. The HumanCharger® has been a kind of a miracle to me! I would recommend the headset to people who travel a lot and are on the go.To all fellow musicians, needing to be on top of your game, get the HumanCharger® right now."

Jarkko Nieminen, professional tennis player

"I am not one to jump at the latest gadget without taking my time to see if it really works, and I can say that the HumanCharger® delivers. It has helped me stay sharp and feel rested, especially during my trips to Asia and during Finland’s long, dark winter days."

Ben Greenfield,

"I’ve used the HumanCharger® for three separate trips and experienced absolutely zero jet lag on any of the trips. Read my article to find out more about my experience with HumanCharger®. If you struggle with jet lag, do yourself a favour and get a HumanCharger®."

Online Reviewer

Jäger N., January 5th 2014

“This is very well made, easy to use, convenient, stylish and the battery charge lasts a long time. It also looks like a small electronic device rather than a medical product and I can move around and do whatever I want while using it. I have used a light therapy light for years but have now reduced my usage time from 30-45 minutes a day to just 12 minutes per day. I just feel great after using it.”

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Suzanne R., March 11, 2016

“Every cloudy day, whether I knew it was cloudy or not, I got depressed. Once I got the device, I used it that morning and then went about my day. I eventually went outside and realized it was cloudy, but I was NOT depressed! It has worked for me ever since and I have not been depressed because of a cloudy day. I feel quite free and I am so thankful.”

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Jommit T., May 31, 2015

“I started using the device for my winter blues. I tried traditional bright light lamps before but was not able to find the time for them and did not feel that they helped. My symptoms were difficulty to wake up in the mornings and craving for sweets. HumanCharger took these out completely. If I ceased using HumanCharger during the winter time, the symptoms come back in one week. I use it from October to January. ”

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Chris G., January 29, 2016

“… For winter blues this light is so effective! I highly recommend HumanCharger for winter blues- use first thing in the morning…"

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Janice S., May 29, 2015

“Jet lag has been a big deal for me for many years now. I really enjoy travelling, but whenever I have to go to Europe it takes me a week to get used to the local time zone. I started using HumanCharger in New York, a couple of days before my flight to London. I used the companion app, which can easily hook up with my TripIt profile, and lets you know when to use the device. I stopped using the device 2 days after I landed in London as I was feeling fully recovered from jet lag, so I would say it has cut my average jet lag pretty significantly. Worth the money!"

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Ray D., January 3, 2016

"I used HumanCharger on a trip to Australia it really helped me be productive both going and coming home. I travel internationally a lot and will not make another trip without this device!”

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Tim J., September 10, 2015

"Jet lag has always been an issue for me. It used to take me too long to adapt to the new time zone and I was struggling with meetings on the first few days. Last time I travelled to Japan it took me 5 days to recover and this time, after using HumanCharger, I was feeling fresh and recovered in a couple of days. Is not a miracle device, you also need to sleep and eat on the right time, but all together, it works. I recommend it."

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Jason H., December 12, 2016

"I was a huge skeptic of whether this was legitimate in its claims or not but decided to try it out. I travel to Asia from the U.S. monthly and suffer from terrible jet lag especially on return. I just returned from a 4-day trip and used HumanCharger according to the app. Not only did I have almost no exhaustion over my 4 days in China, I had zero issues upon my return. For frequent travelers like me this is as big as finding eternal youth. Highly, highly recommend this life changing piece of technology."

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