Reviews - HumanCharger


Check out the videos below to see what people are saying about HumanCharger® and to find out why it is recommended by 87% of users!

Hannu Jortikka, former Head Coach of the KHL team Admiral Vladivostok

"I have to say that my experience of HumanCharger® has been very positive. I doubted at first - that this can´t have any effect. But why wouldn´t you improve your life if it helps you do that. I recommend it!

Jayanti, singer-songwriter

"I use the headset while lying in bed, and it helps me wake up immediately. That's a whole new sensation for me. During the day my focus is so much better, I feel a lot happier, and vibrant, and more alive. The HumanCharger® has been a kind of a miracle to me! I would recommend the headset to people who travel a lot and are on the go.To all fellow musicians, needing to be on top of your game, get the HumanCharger® right now."

Jarkko Nieminen, professional tennis player

"I am not one to jump at the latest gadget without taking my time to see if it really works, and I can say that the HumanCharger® delivers. It has helped me stay sharp and feel rested, especially during my trips to Asia and during Finland’s long, dark winter days."

Ben Greenfield,

"I’ve used the HumanCharger® for three separate trips and experienced absolutely zero jet lag on any of the trips. Read my article to find out more about my experience with HumanCharger®. If you struggle with jet lag, do yourself a favour and get a HumanCharger®."

User Feedback


"Me and my boyfriend bought our HumanCharger at the end of 2017 and have used it religiously since than. We are very happy with your product. Thank you so much for your effort. You are doing a great job and Valkee has an amazing customer service :)”


"It's a great way to wake up. A quick 12 minutes to help energize the mind while the day begins gives me the boost I need to push through a run or get through an early meeting."


“I use your device for about 1 month and I am impressed. It is awesome. I traveled from Europe to Asia and I followed your instructions. I slept like a baby and I had power next day. Now I am used to wake up mornings and make 12 min session...”


“I was in a really bad shape because of my life long winter blues. Light therapy lamps was not efficient enough for me anymore and medication did not work. The HumanCharger worked wonders for me. Honestly, I think I actually can say that you saved my life.”


"I have found it extremely helpful in waking me up when I get low and tired in the winter, I also notice that I don't get so unwell through the winter months as many of my friends do and think it is down to the use of the light."


“I have been wearing this every other day and have certainly noticed the difference the second week of consistent use. I live in Minnesota, United States, the winter is cold and long and sometimes the sun is replaced with a constant haze. I appreciate your device very much, I also bought one for my friend at Christmas time.”


"I received my HumanCharger yesterday. Thank you! I woke up extremely groggy this morning and used the device before getting out of bed. It worked better than I expected, and I will probably be a daily user."


"...I have been using this for a couple of months now and I have to say that I noticed a difference the first day. I wrote a 'to-do' list and got everything on it done (a difficult challenge most days). I'm less overwhelmed. I'm able to fall asleep easier and wake up on my own feeling rested, even though I still wake up in the night every so often. I feel 'up,' less sad and anxious... and I think it might even be helping with some lingering pain issues (from a car accident last summer). When the body rests well, it heals better. About the size of an iPod, it works like a light therapy lamp, except it uses bright light led earbuds to access the brain's photosensitive receptors (like the ones in the eyes) through the ear structure and canals. 12 minutes - as ya stretch and wake up or drink that first cuppa coffee. Their website has their research and all the info I was curious about and even how it can help with shift changes and jet lag for travelers..."


“I bought it about 2 months ago and have been using it every day. I struggle with depressive mood, especially through the majority of the cold grey year here, and even in the nicer season (like it has been since I bought it) I work so much I'm hardly outside enough to benefit from real sunlight. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my mood, and it's very relaxing for me to use. The biggest unexpected benefit I've found from it is how much easier it is for me to wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. I use it at pretty much the same time every morning when I first wake up and after a few days it seemed so much easier to wake up and plug in again. I'm NOT a morning person and so that's been the most miraculous discovery. I always found light therapy boxes helpful, and so I decided to try this. It makes it convenient and easy for me to take care of myself in this way since I know my body definitely needs it. My therapist told me about the HumanCharger last year and suggested it might be a good investment for me since I already know that I benefit from the light therapy. I've certainly found that to be true and all my friends think it's really interesting so I get to tell them about it.”