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How it works

Recent discoveries have shown that there are photosensitive receptors throughout the human brain, much like those located in the retina of the eye.  Photosensitive receptors can be accessed by light flowing through the ear canals and ear structure using HumanCharger® bright light therapy device, and its advanced LEDSet earbuds.  When these photosensitive areas of the brain are stimulated by light, it affects the neural circuits in the brain via neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline).

As a result, when using HumanCharger®, you experience an increase in energy levels, improved mood, increased mental alertness and quicker recovery from the effects of jet lag.

The biggest advantage of HumanCharger® is its ease of use. The user simply puts the LEDSet earbuds into their ears and presses the power button, at which point the bright light will flow through the ear canals and ear structure reaching the brain’s photosensitive receptors. HumanCharger® requires only 12 minutes but does not limit the user from daily activities such as walking, talking or any other normal daily tasks. No other light therapy is as effective or efficient as HumanCharger®.

Let HumanCharger® – Sun in Your Pocket™ – put light back in your life!

Put your HumanCharger® on

Just put the HumanCharger® LEDSet earbuds in your ears snugly. They are specifically designed with comfort in mind.

Power On

Simply push the power button for 2 seconds.

Start your bright light therapy

Simply push the light button and the UV-free, the calibrated white light will start flowing through your ear canals to the light-sensitive regions of your brain.

Get charged

Wear your HumanCharger® for just 12 minutes to feel its effects. This is the ideal amount of light therapy to reap the maximum benefits.

To alleviate jet lag symptoms, or when transitioning from shift work patterns, use HumanCharger® up to four times a day until you feel recovered.

Research speaks volumes.

Visit our Research Page, to learn more about the science behind HumanCharger®

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