About - HumanCharger

The Bright Light Headset Company

Valkee is a health technology company focused on harnessing the benefits of bright light for both mind and performance. Based on long-term scientific research and development work together with Finland´s Oulu University, Valkee introduced the world´s first portable bright light therapy device.

The Valkee R&D and production facilities are located adjacent to the company's headquarters in Oulu, Finland.

How was Valkee started?

In 2005, biologist Juuso Nissilä introduced Antti Aunio, his childhood friend, to the use of bright light therapy administered through the ear. During his time as a student of biology, Juuso had been conducting research to test and prove that the human brain is photosensitive as in the same way that many animal brains have been proven to be. Through this, he developed the concept of Valkee, and with Antti, quickly turned research into the current Valkee product called HumanCharger®.

Juuso and Antti officially launched HumanCharger® - the world's first bright light therapy headset device - in 2007.

Our Mission

Consistent with the rising trend of health technology and fueled by innovation, the category of bright light devices is growing at an increasing rate. Continued research and clinical tests have heightened our understanding of how the human brain senses and responds to light. It has also uncovered how bright light therapy treatment is effective for winter blues and other areas of wellbeing and performance. To date, placebo-controlled studies have confirmed that light stimulates brain activity and have showed the efficiency of the ear canal as a channel for projecting light to photosensitive areas of the human brain.

Our Values

Valkee continues to pioneer research and aims at helping people feel better, ideally coupled with a reduced need for anti-depressant drugs. With the unique, pocket-sized HumanCharger®, bright light therapy treatment has evolved beyond a bulky lamp, into a beautifully-designed personal appliance to accompany users wherever they are.

Currently, there are over 90,000 happy HumanCharger® users worldwide.